I wake up urly in the morning. Taking walks. Taking photos. The family is still sleeping. I appriciate these hours in the morning.

Finns old camera

Finn borrowed me his old camera. I fell in love with it.
It doesn`t look like a camera - more like a bicykle lamp.
I`ll get one of these. Thrue happines!
Outside the village there`s a hill. From the top you can see the road leading away. I walk up the trial and count to twohundred five steps. When I was a kid, this was a mountain. Twohundred five steps. It wasnt longer than that til you could see the rest of the world.

burn outs

I was standing on my car roof, photographing a burn out mark in the asphalt. I had been moving the car around for a while, and finaly I got the right angle. Two kids on bikes came by and watched me.
- "Cool burn!” , one of them said. - "Did you do it".
- "No, I drive this VolksWagen Golf. I cant do burns.", I replied.
- " You can do a burnout with any car. Why are you taking pictures?"
I explained about the marks in the asphalt, how they expressed so much. Anger, frustration, longing, desire etc.
The kids looked a bit suspecious, so I continued :- " I`m kidding. I just like burns."
The boys went off again. I`ll practice burns with my VW later.